Thermaltake Frio Overclocking CPU Cooler Review

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Introducing Thermaltake Frio – The Ultimate Overclocking Cooler

Thermaltake Frio

As most of you know, Thermaltake has been making quality PC hardware thermal solutions since 1999.  They have recently released some killer equipment to keep your hardware cool.  From coolers to cases, Thermaltake has recently been on a marketing push for their new cooling equipment for enthusiasts and overclockers and today we take a look at their CPU air-cooler solution built specifically for overclockers – the Thermaltake Frío.

Thermaltake, leading DIY thermal solutions brand, launch their latest CPU air-cooler specifically designed for overclocking, the Thermaltake Frío. Its name is its mission, as Frío is the Spanish word for cool. With a maximum cooling capacity of up to 220W, this high-end cooler is the ideal solution for overclockers and power-users alike. The universal socket support makes it compatible to all computer processors currently available on the market.

Thermaltake Frio

The Frío certainly has a lot to live up to since its name is derived from the Spanish world for “Cool”.  The cooler is designed to cool a maximum of 220W which puts this in the “high-end” class of coolers like the latest Zalman or Noctua for what seems to be a pretty economical price of $59.99.

This cooler is marketed for overclockers, but is really built for people such as myself who are interested in video editing as well and keeping their temperatures down.  It doesn’t hurt that Thermaltake designed the Frío to look uniquely aggressive and very cool.  The cooler measures 139(L) x 98(W) x 165(H) mm and a whooping 1042 grams (almost 2.5 pounds!) is designed to support a multitude of platforms including the Intel LGA775, LGA1156, LGA 1366 and AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3 sockets – basically every current chipset on the market today.

For those of you with windows on your case, this is one CPU cooler that will not embarrass you in front of your friends at a LAN party either.  Trimmed in black and red, the cooler just looks like it will keep your temperatures down.  It’s quite stylish and doesn’t look like a blooming onion or flower petal.

Thermaltake Frio

If you check the specs of this beast, you see that Thermaltake really came to play.  The question is: Can this cooler actually help with overclocking?

Thermaltake Frío Featured Specifications:

  • Fan Size: 120mm
  • Compatibility: Intel: LGA 1156 / 1366 / 775
  • AMD: Socket AM2+ / AM2 / AM3
  • RPM:1,200 – 2,500 RPM
  • Air Flow: 101.6 CFM (Max.)
  • Noise Level: 20 – 43 dBA
  • Power Connector: 3 Pin
  • Heatsink Material: Aluminum & Copper
  • Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Heatsink Dimensions: 139 x 98 x 165 mm
  • Weight: 1042 g
  • High-density 0.5mm aluminum fins with high surface-ratio heat sink design allows for most effective thermal dissipation.
  • Five 8mm heatpipes to accelerate heat transfer from the CPU to fins for utmost cooling efficiency.
  • Dual ISGC 120mm fans with full-range fan speed control allow power users to control cooling power.
  • The noise level is to adapt to different type of working or gaming enviornment.
  • Supports latest Intel Core i7 six-core processors.
  • Universal mounting design supports all processors available today:
  • Intel Core i7 & Core i5 (LGA 1156 & 1366);
  • AMD Phenom II & Phenom & Athlon Series CPU (Socket AM2, AM2+ & AM3)


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