The Last Of Us 2 Is Only $40 During Prime Day

Amazon’s biggest sale of the year, Prime Day, is going on right now, and gamers can get a steal on one of the more popular video games that launched this year. The Last of Us 2 is currently available on Amazon for PS4 gamers for $40. That price is reportedly the lowest since the game launched in June.

Players who aren’t particularly into multiplayer gaming online, I particularly enjoyed the game because it has a long single-player story. Those who buy the game and are PlayStation Plus subscribers and intend to get a PS5 will be able to play the game on that console as well.

The game is one of many that are backwards compatible with the PlayStation 5. That is assuming players purchase the version with the physical drive, which will be needed to play disc-based games.

A digital copy is also downloadable on the PlayStation 5. Many excellent deals are going during Prime Day, and it’s a great time to stock up for Christmas right around the corner. Prime Day is technically over, but the game is still available at this low price.