The Inq Says AMD Reverse Hyperthreading Does Not Exist

After weeks of AMD’s Reverse HyperThreading rumors going around the web Fudo over at The Inq. has made a post saying that it’s all a dream. Bummer for all you AMD fans and good news for the Intel fans.

Apologies to the fanbois, but I am about to kill some nice AMD dreams. Reverse Hyperthreading does not exist. It’s one of the bigger loads of bluff and bluster cooked up in a long time. AMD doesn’t have any such technology. It would like to have it but even the upcoming K8L quad core won’t be able to present a dual or quad core as a single core to the Operating system. On the other hand AMD doesn?t not need such a marchitecture as the operating systems are getting used to a dual and later quad machines. It’s just a dream that someone set afloat but AMD doesn’t have such a marchitecture.

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