The Division 2 is Set in Washington D.C. and Gets Raids

Ubisoft talked a lot about The Division 2 at E3 2018 giving up most of the details on the game. We now know that the game will be set in Washington D.C. and that it takes place seven months after a virus was released in New York City. The virus has been contained in the game, but the streets of D.C. are devastated with people trying to rebuild their lives.

Players play as agents operating in D.C. to stop enemies from taking over the city first and the nation second. The setting in the game is said to be a one-to-one recreation of Washington D.C. and the devs promise they developed the game with the lessons learned from the original game ringing in their ears.

One big promise is that the game was developed with the endgame in mind and that the main campaign flows into a robust endgame with its own narrative thread and challenges. Progress will continue “long after level 30” according to Ubisoft. At each level cap the player gets to select a specialization like sharpshooter, demolitionist, or survivalist with each having its own progression path.

There will be new skill mods, talents, and tools along the way along with new weapons. The game promises a wealth of PvP experiences along with a fully revamped Dark Zone experience. The game will also get eight-player raids, these are missions that will test skill, communication, and teamwork of the most experienced Agents. A premium pass will give players access to an entire year of add-ons for the game. The Division 2 lands in March 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.