The Definitive Multi-GPU World Tour Kicks Off!

Today we are kicking off the opening installation of a 9 part series from 9 different sites worldwide covering the Multi-GPU market from top to bottom. Covering over 60 benchmarks and applications with six complete test systems, this is the definitive coverage of multi-GPU systems to date. My introduction sets the stage for a series of articles covering the technology, performance, and features of complete mult-GPU systems. In the coming weeks we will see coverage that has never been attempted before on this exciting technology offered by ATI and NVIDIA. Strap in, and hold tight, as the ride is about to start! Stay tuned as Legit Reviews will be posting our part of the article later this month!

In the spring of this year nine sites around the world decided to work together on a single, comprehensive article covering the multi-GPU space. We decided not just to take a look at the cards themselves, but the supporting ecosystem of products that make up the base systems. We explore what we consider the three major price ranges for such setups throughout, and we compare both ATI CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI at each point.

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