Tesla Supercharger Stations Get Starlink Internet


Most people know that Tesla and SpaceX are helmed by the same man, Elon Musk. While SpaceX is very successful at putting astronauts on the ISS, it’s also been spending considerable amounts of time and money putting satellites into orbit. Those satellites are for its Starlink broadband Internet access.

Even when using a Supercharger, people will spend significant amounts of time connected to the charging station. To help pass the time, Tesla has now integrated Starlink Internet connectivity into its charging stations.

Typically, a charging session takes at least 30 minutes, and with the Internet connectivity in place, users will be able to surf the Internet or get work done while waiting. The Internet connectivity can be utilized directly within the vehicles on the infotainment system screen.

It’s unclear how soon the Starlink Internet stations will be deployed at supercharger locations or if it will be deployed at all outdoor locations. It’s also unclear if the Internet connectivity is free or only for those who subscribe to the Tesla Premium Connectivity feature.