Telltale Games to make Stranger Things Game

Fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things will be excited to hear that Telltale Games is confirmed to be working on a video game that is based on the Stranger Things universe. Details on the project are scant now, but the game has been confirmed by both Netflix and Telltale reports TechRadar. Sources claim that the game was originally expected to launch alongside the second season of Stranger Things but was postponed.

At this point, we have no real indication of what the game will feature. It’s cool to see Netflix and Telltale both stepping up and confirming for fans that a game is coming. It’s also very cool to see Netflix embracing games based on its original series.

Netflix has also confirmed that an adapted version of Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to the service as well. That Minecraft game will be some sort of interactive experience that is played on Netflix. The Stranger Things game will be something built internally at Telltale along the lines of the other games it has offered based on TV shows like the Walking Dead.

Telltale said, “We’re delighted by the response we’re seeing to the idea of Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix in the fall as an interactive adventure, and separately, we’re thrilled to confirm that Telltale is developing a game based on Stranger Things that we’ll publish to consoles and computers at a later date.

Our partnership with Netflix is something we’re incredibly proud of, and while we don’t have anything more to share right now, we’re excited to reveal details on these projects later in the year.”