TEAMGROUP T-Create Expert 64GB DDR4 3600MHz Review


Team Group T-Create Expert DDR4 Goes 64GB (2x32GB)

TEAMGROUP’s T-CREATE brand is going after content creators in 2021 and they have some pretty exciting DRAM and SSD products under the series. The one that we are taking a look at today is the T-CREATE EXPERT DESKTOP DDR4 OC10L memory kit. That name is rather unique, but it is basically a DDR4 3600 MHz memory kit that is only available in one speed and color. Due to this reason the marketing team over at TEAMGROUP decided to call it T-CREATE EXPERT DESKTOP DDR4 OC10L. You can however pick your capacity and you get to pick from 16GB (2x8GB), 32GB (2x16GB), and 64GB (2x32GB).

Team Group T-Create Expert DDR4 3600MHz Memory kit

All memory kits in this series feature 18-22-22-42 timings with 1.35 Volts of power. They are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

TEAMGROUP sent over the massive 64GB for us to look at. This kit runs $319.99 shipped over at Amazon. That is a pretty aggressive price point that makes it the lowest priced 64GB (2x32GB) dual channel memory kit in this speed class on the market today!

Team Group T-Create Expert DDR4 3600MHz Memory

The T-CREATE Expert modules have a clean look to them and the silver heat spreader color should pair nicely with pretty much any desktop build. The PCB is black, so they have a high-end polished look to them. TEAMGROUP said they are using a 10-layer PCB on these modules to reduce the cross-talk on the PCB for enhanced stability and durability. There is no RGB lighting to be found on these modules as that is more aimed at gamers than content creators. These modules are only 32mm in height, so shouldn’t interfere with any CPU coolers.

Thaiphoon Burner Details

Team Group T-Create Expert DDR4 3600MHz Tahiphoon Burner

A quick look at Thaiphoon Burner shows that this kit is a dual-rank kit using Micron B die memory ICs under part number D9XPF. These 16 Gb Micron B-die chips have a reputation of being a bit finicky on some platforms and we experienced that first hand.


We initially wanted to benchmark this kit on our brand new Intel Z590 platform with the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO motherboard (UEFI 0704 BETA). We couldn’t get the board to post with XMP profile settings. We then tried manually increasing the voltage to 1.4V and after that failed we lowered it down to 3400MHz. None of this helped and the system would fail to post.

We then switched over to an office PC that uses the older Intel Z370 platform with the Z370 AORUS GAMING 7-OP motherboard (UEFI F15b). It currently has 32GB of DDR4 3600MHz memory, so an upgrade to 64GB would be nice. Again, we ran into issues and we failed to get a successful system post with XMP profile settings.

So, we turned to another system on the test bench and that is one of our AMD X570 storage test systems with the ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS motherboard (UEFI 3603). After loading the Direct Over Clock Profile (DOCP) in the UEFI it posted and had no issues running at the right profile speeds!

The bottom line here is that running a 64GB (2x32GB) memory kit isn’t going to be easy on some platforms as support is really hit or miss. When these platforms were released years ago 64GB memory kits weren’t around at these speeds, so you won’t know if it works until you buy it and try it out.


Here is a look at our system with a Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 16GB 3600MHz dual channel memory kit. This is the kit of memory that we took out when upgrading from 16GB to 64GB of total system memory.

Old 3600MHz Memory

Below is with the TEAMGROUP T-CREATE EXPERT DESKTOP DDR4 OC10L kit installed. Notice in CPU-Z size of the memory went up to 64GB! The read and write memory performance was actually about the same, which was nice. The copy test was actually a bit faster on the T-CREATE kit, but the latency was higher. These are good results, but the main improvement is the overall capacity. We tripled the amount of system memory and that will really help with large files. Content creators are dealing with large files all the time with image and video editing or mega-tasking, so having this much memory will improve work efficiency.

Team Group T-Create Expert DDR4 3600MHz AIDA64 Benchmark

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

This was a pretty quick look at the TEAMGROUP T-CREATE EXPERT DESKTOP DDR4 OC10L 64GB memory kit, but the key point of this product is the capacity. We’ve had DDR4 3600MHz memory kits on the market for many years. Now we have ‘overclocking’ friendly memory kits that are able to run 64GB with just two sticks of memory. That is really impressive and buying two of these kits will allow you to run 128GB of memory on mainstream platforms from AMD and Intel.

Knowing how any 64GB (2x32GB) kit will run on your system is almost impossible. These kits are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, but we are hopeful that the board makers will make any needed BIOS/UEFI changes to ensure better support.

Pricing on this kit is $319.99 shipped over at Amazon and that is the lowest priced kit in this speed and capacity. If you don’t need that much memory you can get the 32GB (2x16GB) for $179 at Amazon and the 16GB (2x8GB) kit runs $93.99 shipped at Amazon. TEAMGROUP has a kit available for pretty much any need or price point!

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: Running 64GB of system memory at ‘overclocked’ speeds of 3600MHz is becoming more affordable thanks to TEAMGROUP and their new T-CREATE EXPERT DESKTOP DDR4 OC10L memory series!