Taurid Meteor Shower Kicks Off Tonight


Tonight an event is happening in the sky that many people in the US will be able to enjoy. The annual Taurid meteor shower kicks off, and estimates are that 10 to 15 fireballs could be visible in the sky.

The meteor shower is active starting in the middle of October until early December. Its peak will happen in the overnight hours between November 11 and November 12. Peak viewing will occur tonight around midnight.

The Taurids consist of two showers, one known as the Northern Taurids and another called the Southern Taurids. The Southern Taurids reached their peak on November 4 and November 5.

However, they will remain active until early December. Both of the meteor showers are caused by debris left from comet 2P/Encke. As the earth travels to the debris trail left by the comet, the debris passes through the atmosphere burning up in the sky, often creating fireballs.