Surfaces Devices May Offer AMD Processors

Microsoft typically relies heavily on Intel for processors and hardware for its notebooks and tablets. The Surface line of devices has been Intel exclusive since launching, for instance. A new rumor is making the rounds that Microsoft is increasingly unhappy with the products Intel is making.

The rumor claims that Microsoft is so unhappy that it is considering diversifying from exclusive Intel parts and adding AMD and perhaps Qualcomm parts. Reports indicate that Microsoft insiders have said that Microsoft and Intel’s relationship is on shaky ground reports TechRadar.

The ground is shaky enough that the software giant is reportedly looking to move away from a purely-Intel line for the next Surface products. Microsoft is said to be experimenting with both AMD and ARM hardware with prototypes of both devices already made. It might make sense for the Surface Go to get the ARM chips and the Surface Pro the AMD parts.

Microsoft is tipped to be working with Qualcomm to build its own ARM chip code-named Excalibur that works better with Windows 10. The reports don’t claim that Intel will be left behind completely, there will simply be AMD versions offered as well. This is good for consumers.