Super Mario Run Stacks Up 20M Players

Nintendo has been doing very will with the mobile game Super Mario Run. Back on Halloween we mentioned that the game had 200 million downloads. Nintendo has stated in its earnings report that the game has 20 million monthly active players.

That is a significant number of players, but Nintendo is still coy with details on just how much money it is making from the game. The 20 million monthly players number is down a bit from October when the number was 21 million reports Android Headlines.

Odds are that despite all the people playing Super Mario Run, the game isn’t making much revenue for Nintendo. The company has stated in the previous quarter that the game didn’t have “acceptable profit” despite all the downloads. It didn’t say just how much profit was made when it announced that.

Despite not having made what Nintendo sees as an acceptable amount of profit, the company is continuing to produce mobile games. Perhaps it sees these mobile games more as a loss leader to woo mobile gamers to try the Switch or other Nintendo hardware.