Super Mario Run is a Big Money-Making Disappointment

Super Mario Run has been around for a while now and the game is still very popular. A new report has surfaced that claims the game has raked in about $60 million in profits from player spending around the globe. That is some serious coin, but a drop in the bucket compared to other Nintendo mobile games. Most of the profits reportedly came from the App Store according to Sensor Tower.

The Apple App Store accounted for 77% of the game revenue to date. iOS gamers did get the game about six months earlier than Android gamers could get it on Google Play. During Q1 2018 35% of the game revenue came from Google Play reports NintendoLife.

Most of the money has been earned from gamers in the US with Japan making up about 17% of the total. While $60 million is a substantial chunk of change, Fire Emblem Warriors has already crossed the $300 million mark. Super Mario Run is a game that players could play for free but had to buy to keep progressing.

Nintendo has sense move to free-to-play with in-app purchases. This is how Fire Emblem Warriors and the coming Mario Kart Tour games work.