Street Fighter V Summer Update Characters Revealed

New fighters that are coming to Street Fighter V have been revealed on the PlayStation Blog. The new characters will come in the Street Fighter V Summer Update and include Dan, Rose, and Oro and surprise guests from rival schools. Dan Hibiki is a classic character from the Street Fighter franchise going all the way back to the Street Fighter Alpha, where he was a hidden character. PlayStation promises some unique taunts and antics for his latest appearance.

Rose is a fan-favorite and is returning from Street Fighter IV in the Street Fighter Alpha series. She has made multiple appearances in Street Fighter V, notably in the Menat storyline. She will be a playable character starting in the spring of 2021.

Oro is described as a “mysterious hermit with superhuman strength.” He has made Street Fighter V appearances in the past and will return to the game next summer. Oro’s original appearance was in Street Buyer III: New Generation. Interestingly, he fights with a turtle in his hand.

Another character coming in Season V is Akira Kazama from the Rival Schools series marking her first appearance in the game. Learn all about the coming characters and other changes for Street Fighter V here.