Steam Winter Sale Is Underway Now

Gamers who like to buy their videogames on Steam look forward to the company’s major sales a couple of times per year. One of those major sales is the Steam Winter Sale, which kicked off yesterday and runs through January 5 at 10 AM Pacific Time. During sale, gamers can save big money on very popular video games.

One of the coolest games is a collection with the Halo Master Chief Collection on sale at 40 percent off, making the purchase price $23.99. The extremely popular Stardew Vally, which recently received a big update, is available at 33 percent off, making the game $9.99.

One of the biggest discounts is on again called The Hunter: Call of the Wild at 70 percent, making it only $5.99. Players can also save big money on some game franchises with up to 80 percent off the iconic Farcry franchise, up to 70 percent off the Max Payne franchise, and up to 80 percent off the Arma franchise.

There are games in every genres, and anyone looking to build up their collection will want to take advantage of the sale. The good news is that the sale runs until after Christmas, so anyone anticipating some Christmas loot has time to make a purchase.