Sprint Confirms Data Breach Via Samsung Website

Sprint has confirmed that there has been a data breach that has exposed customer details. Hackers broke into Sprint customer accounts through the Samsung website. At the time of writing, Sprint is unsure how many user accounts have been affected.

What we do know is that the hack happened on June 22 and Sprint has told customers in a letter that private details like names, billing address, phone number, subscriber ID, account number, device type, device ID, monthly charges, account creation date, upgrade eligibility, and add-on services were leaked. Hackers gained access to the customer data via the Samsung Add a line website.

“No other information that could create a substantial risk of fraud or identity theft was acquired,” Sprint said. Sprint says that it took action to secure all accounts and hasn’t found any fraudulent activity associated with the breach.

Sprint notified customers on June 25 of a PIN reset in case their PIN had been compromised. Sprint says that credit card information and SSNs weren’t part of the leaked information. Sprint also suffered a breach that originated with its Boost Mobiel pre-paid division reports CNET.