Special Edition 2022 Ranger Splash Pickups Change With The Seasons


Ford offered additional details on the limited-edition 2022 Ranger Splash pickups. The different special package will be launched with each season during 2022. Pricing will be $1495 for each of the special edition trucks.

The first will be the Ranger Splash Snow Edition with a paint color called Avalanche. It’s based on the Lariat trim and has unique ebony leather seats with Ash Gray accent stitching and carbon weave Tuxedo stripes bolsters. Ford plans to make about 750 Snow Edition trucks starting in the spring.

The Forest Edition is based on the XLT and will launch this summer. It has a Forged Green exterior and unique cloth seats with ash gray and carbon weave stripes and bolsters. Ford intends to make about 500 Forest Edition trucks.

The last of the special editions is the Sand Edition with an exterior color called Desert Sand. It’s also based on the XLT Ranger and has the same interior as the Forest Edition. About 500 of the trucks will be made starting this fall.