SpaceX Successfully Launches SiriusXM-8 Satellite

Overnight, SpaceX successfully launched a new satellite into orbit. This time out, the satellite wasn’t one of SpaceX’s own Starlink satellites. This launch put a new satellite into orbit for radio and entertainment provider SiriusXM. The satellite was SiriusXM-8, and it will relay audio content to users around the world.

Sirius hasn’t had great luck with its new satellites. The last satellite it put into orbit was SXM-7, and it failed a few weeks after launching. SpaceX was the launch partner for that satellite as well. Sirius does still have a pair of older functional satellites in orbit.

It does plan to put a replacement into orbit for the failed SXM-7 satellite. SpaceX launched the satellite into orbit at 12:26 am EDT. It used a Falcon 9 rocket and launched from pad 40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

The launch marked the 18th for SpaceX in what has been a busy year so far. Overall, SpaceX has launched 121 rockets, and SpaceX isn’t done with launches. With half the year to go, it will continue to be busy launching its Starlink satellites and payloads for others.