SpaceX Launches Two Starlink Missions


SpaceX is on a blistering pace when it comes to launching satellites in orbit. It put a pair of Falcon 9 rockets into orbit with less than 24 hours between the launches. Between the two launches, SpaceX put 106 Starlink satellites in orbit.

Despite launching two rockets with less than 24 hours between them, the timeframe was supposed to have been much closer. However, delays pushed the launch of Starlink 4-13 and 4-15 from their initially planned launch cadence.

One of the rockets used was Falcon 9 B1063, which made a successful landing on the drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You.” The second rocket was B1061.

Combined, the two launches finished out SpaceX’s fourth orbital shell. There are five orbital shells planned for the first license constellation SpaceX plans.