SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship Docks With The ISS


Yesterday, SpaceX and NASA successfully launched a Cargo Dragon capsule to the ISS atop a Falcon 9 rocket. At the time, NASA said the rocket was expected to dock with the ISS in the morning hours on August 30. NASA confirmed the successful automated docking with the ISS ending its 31-hour flight.

The Dragon capsule delivered new experiments, supplies, and food to the space station astronauts. The automated ship docked with the forward port of the Harmony module at 10:30 AM ET on Monday morning. The docking happened as the ISS floated 264 miles over Western Australia.

Among the items on the Dragon capsule were treats for the astronauts, including ice cream, cheese, and fruit. The delivery came just in time for astronaut Megan McArthur to celebrate her 50th birthday aboard the space station.

She tweeted, “What a great birthday dinner with my Expedition 65 crew mates! My #SpaceBrothers went all out: quesadillas and tortilla-pizzas with real cheese! Cookie decorating! Cake with chocolate candles! We havent unpacked the ice cream yet, so I guess that means a 2nd party?”