SpaceX And Axiom Private Astronauts Head Home


After a delay due to weather, the first all-private astronauts to fly a mission to the ISS have finally departed to head back home. The astronauts departed the ISS on April 24 after spending two weeks aboard the space station. Reports indicate that the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying the astronauts undocked from the ISS at 9 PM EDT Sunday night.

The return flight takes about 16 hours. If everything goes to plan for the return mission, the Crew Dragon capsule will splash down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida at about 1 PM today, Monday, April 25.

The flight had been delayed for several days due to bad weather at the splashdown site. The crew was the first completely private astronaut crew to spend time aboard the ISS.

The mission launched on April 8 and spent time aboard ISS with the professional crew. The government crewmembers include three American astronauts, a German, and three Russians.