Sony Unveils 85-inch 8K and New 4K OLED TVs at CES 2019

Sony has unveiled some very cool TVs that gamers and movie fans will lust over at CES 2019. The coolest of the TVs is the gigantic 85-inch 8K TV called the Z9G that will land in the second half of the year. The TV uses a proprietary algorithm along with the Sony X1 Ultimate processor and 8K X-Reality Pro technology to upscale content to near 8K image quality.

The ability to upscale is critical for 8K TVs as there is no 8K content right now, 4K content is still scarce. Sony also notes that the Z9G can be viewed up close with “virtually no pixel differentiation.” Pricing is unannounced but with a screen that large and 8K resolution, expensive should sum it up.

TechRadar reports that Sony also unveiled a new Master Series A9G 4K OLED TV offered in 55-inch and 65-inch models starting in August and a 77-inch version in September. A slew of other 4K OLED TVs that don’t slot into the high-end Master Series range were also unveiled at the show.

Those include a new entry-level OLED TV called A8G Bravia landing in July. Sony hasn’t announced any specific pricing information on the TVs, but OLED and the Sony name aren’t typically what most consider affordable.