Sony to Allow PSN Name Changes Soon?

A new rumor is going around that should make PS4 gamers happy. This rumor claims that you will soon be able to change your PlayStation Network name. That means if you picked a stupid name hurriedly trying to get online when the console launched, you can choose something better.

VG247 reports that the groundwork of allowing the name change was laid in the PS4 6.0 firmware update. Reports also indicate that a history of IDs button ahs shown up in the online database and a button for “Revert Online ID.”

However, those features are said to be in testing right now. A caveat is that the system reportedly must be integrated into games. This means if an old title doesn’t support the feature, your new name won’t work.

It almost sounds as if the new names are an alias mapped to your original account name rather than an actual account name change. Still, if you have an embarrassing old name this is better than a brand-new account.