Sony PS5 Reveal Date Tipped for February


We all know that rumors are a dime a dozen, but we all like to hear them anyway when it comes to tech gear we’re looking forward to. One of the most anticipated debuts in gaming will happen this year when Sony pulls the covers off of the PlayStation 5. Sony has confirmed that it won’t be attending E3 2020, leaving many wondering when exactly it will unveil its next-gen console.

When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, that event happened in February. Rumor suggests that keeping with tradition, the PlayStation 5 will be unveiled next month. The February revealed date had been leaked before with the latest rumor coming from a developer called David Scott Jaffe.

Jaffe as a game developer whose studio shut down in 2018, but remains an active voice in the industry. It’s certainly possible that he has contacts on the PS5 team and would know when the console is set to launch. It’s also completely possible he’s merely guessing based on when the PS4 was revealed.

Interestingly, Sony is hosting an Experience PlayStation event in New York right now that runs through the middle of February reports GamesRadar. Some think that in the closing days of that event, the PlayStation 5 will be revealed. The console is expected to ship this holiday season.