Sony Promises More PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Units

Most people who wanted to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 when preorders opened not long ago found that they could not. Preorder supplies ran out extremely quickly, and Sony has now apologized for the mess that saw some major retailers sell out the day before preorders were supposed to begin. Sony is promising that more stock is on the way to help those who want a PlayStation 5 get one on launch day.

Pre-orders were supposed to start on a Thursday, but several major retailers in the US and UK began their preorders on Wednesday, selling out by the end of the day. Amazon warned that some who placed a preorder might not receive their console in time for the November 12 launch. The official PlayStation Twitter account posted an apology saying that preorders could have gone smoother and issuing an apology.

Sony also noted that more consoles will be available through the end of the year for those who are still unable to preorder. Some reports have claimed that Sony was having difficulty manufacturing one key component for the console and had scaled back the number of units it intended to produce. However, Sony has denied those rumors.

Sony is reportedly using air freight to get consuls to the US more quickly to fill orders. Exactly how many consoles Sony can provide in the US remains to be seen.