Sony Promises Limited PlayStation 5 Restock For Today

Console gamers out there who have been dying to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 will want to take a look at all the major retailers right now. Sony confirmed that a very limited restock of PlayStation 5 consoles is happening today. This will be the first restock of the popular console for 2021.

The Sony Rewards Twitter account revealed the restock, and there was no indication given of what retailers might have the console in stock. You may already be too late. Scalpers are using bots to grab all available inventory to sell at marked-up prices.

Still, any gamer wanting one of the new consoles should check out all the usual suspects and see if anyone happens to have the console in stock. There is no mention of how many PS5s are being provided in the restock, but we would assume not many.

Hopefully, supply catches up with demand early in 2021. We would love to see scalpers get stuck with consoles. They are the worst part of new technology products launching.