Sony PlayStation 5 Restock Happens Today

Your latest attempt to get your hands on a Sony PlayStation 5 happens today with a restock at Sony Direct. Sony says that today, April 13, at 12 PM Pacific time, gamers have the opportunity to purchase the standard PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital.

Reports indicate that Sony sent out email invites to purchase the PlayStation 5 console yesterday, on April 12. That means that the restock is invite-only, so you are out of luck if you didn’t get an invite. It’s unclear if those who received an invite are guaranteed a console or not.

The PlayStation 5 has been very difficult to get due to short supply and scalpers gobbling up all the stock to sell at a markup. Sony Direct will be selling the standard PlayStation 5 for $499. The Digital version will sell for $399. Those wondering how to get on the list to receive the notifications and the opportunity to buy a console in the future need to take a few steps.

Users will need to have an active Sony Direct account and have notifications set to yes. Presumably, it’s too late to turn on these features and get an invite for today. We would assume more invites went out than Sony will have available stock, but again that is unclear.