Sony PlayStation 5 May Dominate Xbox Series X Sales Says Report

One of the battles looming on the horizon of the gaming market is whether the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X is the better selling next-generation game console. Sony ran away with the sales crown in the current generation, and fans are wondering if that will happen again. The supply chain seems to be betting on the PlayStation 5.

Electronics manufacturers in Taiwan are estimating that Sony will produce 120 million PlayStation 5 consoles over the next five years. If the information is accurate, Sony is betting on its new console to sell much faster than the PlayStation 4. The PS4 sold 110 million units in seven years.

The original report came from DigiTimes, according to Tom’s Guide. Other than Sony expecting to produce 120 million PS5 consoles in the next five years, the same sources claim that Microsoft plans to build only 60 million Xbox Series X consoles in the same five-year period.

That would indicate Sony is betting on significantly higher sales than Microsoft is. Sony expects to ship about 10 million PS5 consoles in 2020, which would mean an average of 27.5 million consoles shipped each year until 2025. That seems like a big bet, and many wonder if the report is accurate.