Sony Patent App Shows VR Motion Controller Concept

A new patent app has turned up from Sony that gives us an idea what the company is thinking of for the future of controlling virtual reality video games. There are two patent apps and one appears to be motion controllers that would presumably work with the PlayStation VR. Sony’s existing motion controllers for the PlayStation VR have been around for eight years.

The first of the patents shows a controller with vertical grip style and a thumbstick on top. There are buttons around that thumbstick and a trigger on the front of the controller under the index finger. This controller has a hand strap that comes out to prevent gamers from dropping it.

The controller has some sort of interlocking gears under the grip to expand and contract to give feedback in the game and deliver tactile feel. The other patent app is a system that tracks the individual finger placement using the headset. This design would require a new PlayStation Vue headset.

This could be hinting that a new PlayStation Vue is in the works. The current headset uses the PlayStation Camera to follow the position of the Move controllers reports Engadget. It sounds as if Sony wants to get rid of that camera.