Sony First-Party PlayStation Titles Will Be Under PlayStation Studios Umbrella

Some of the most popular games on the PlayStation platform have been Sony’s first-party titles. Sony has announced that it is developing a new brand to unite all of its first-party titles called PlayStation Studios. The new brand will reportedly go live alongside the PlayStation 5 later this year.

PlayStation Studios will only be featured on games developed and managed by Sony Interactive Entertainments Worldwide Studios organization reports Gamesindustry. The image seen below is the new PlayStation Studios logo.

Along with that new logo, games launched under the studio will also feature a common launch animation, which can be seen below. The opening animation includes some iconic characters from first-party Sony games, including Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, and others. PS4 games will also carry the new branding, but it won’t be ready in time for The Last of Us: Part 2 or Ghosts of Tsushima both to launch this summer.

“You’ve seen the animated asset that will exist primarily during the beginning of our titles, but the brand will exist in a lot of different places. There are different, shorter animations that will exist in trailers… It will exist in advertising. It will be in any other creative assets, such as the game packaging and the game discs themselves.