Sony Celebrates 500M PS4s Sold with Limited Edition PS4 Pro

Sony has announced a limited edition PS4 Pro that will be available starting on August 24. The special edition console is designed to celebrate Sony selling 500 million PS4 game consoles since launch. The limited-edition bundle is a PS4 Pro console with 2TB HDD, DualShock 4 wireless controller, PS Camera, and a vertical stand.

The cool part about the console itself is that it has a blue translucent shell so you can see inside the console to the innards. The PS Camera gives the console depth-sensing tech that can track you, the controller, and PS Move controllers for games that support motion tracking. You can also give your streams picture-in-picture video with the console.

Like all PS4 Pro consoles, this one will support 4K games and content when connected to a 4K TV. Lots of games support 4K resolution from Call of Duty WWII to Gran Turismo Sport. Gamers also get Boost Mode to give their PS4 games added visual oomph.

If your TV supports HDR the PS4 Pro can take advantage of that feature. The console looks really cool with the gold trim and a blue translucent cover. The controller also has a translucent shell. While the announcement doesn’t call it out, it appears that the PS4 Pro is a limited edition with only 50,000 being made and each has a gold badge on the front showing its number in the series.