Sony Admits PS5 Development is Underway

Over the last several months it has seemed as if the future of gaming might not be on consoles, but on streaming services that shoot games to any device you want. Sony has finally admitted that it is working on a successor to the PS4 indicating the console isn’t dead after all. Unfortunately, no detail on the console was offered.

Technically Sony didn’t even say what it was cooking up was the PS5, an exec said “next-generation hardware.” It’s a safe bet that next-gen hardware will be called the PS5. The tip came from Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida, “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware.” Yoshida made that comment in an interview reports Eurogamer.

Sources claim that the next console won’t be a huge departure from the PS4 we know right now. Word is that the fundamental architecture would be similar. If the PS4 continues to sell well, and it is certainly selling well right now, there is no rush for Sony to launch the PS5.

Microsoft stated during E3 that it was working on the next-gen Xbox console. You can bet if Microsoft launches the next Xbox before Sony launches the PS5, there will be pressure for Sony to launch the PS5. More detail on the next-gen consoles is expected at E3 2019.