Sonos Google Assistant Feature Finally Coming

Back in late 2017 Sonos started to tease an update that would bring Google Assistant to the Sonos devices. The problem at the time was that it offered no official date. Fast-forward to CES 2019 and Google teased compatibility coming with Sonos speakers again. No official launch date was offered.

Sonos recently had its Q2 earnings call, and it said during the statement that a software update is coming to the One and Beam in the US with other markers coming later. The update will land for users in the US next week reports Android Police.

Sonos wrote, “This quarter we would like to highlight the much-anticipated launch of the Google Assistant on Sonos. We’ve been working on this for quite a while and are thrilled to be rolling it out next week. Through a software upgrade, Sonos One and Beam will support the Google Assistant in the US, with more markets to come over the next few months. This feature will truly elevate the customer experience and marks the first time that consumers will be able to buy a single smart speaker and get to choose which voice assistant they want to use. We think giving consumers choice is always the right decision, and we anticipate this philosophy will be adopted in the industry over time.”

The landing of the update makes the first item you can have more than one voice assistant on a device. Siri can control the speakers if you set it up via the iPhone.