Some Publishers Pull Games During Epic Games Store Sale

The Epic Games Store wants to be just like Steam. Gamers aren’t happy with Epic over the game exclusives it has landed. This week the Epic Games Store launched a Mega Sale that gave significant discounts on a bunch of games.

The big sale gave both percentage discounts on titles and an extra $10 off every game that was priced $14.99 or higher. Oddly, some of the games that were on the sale at launch vanished from the store shortly after the sale kicked off reports Kotaku.

Titles that vanished included Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. While the game was initially available on sale and some gamers may have even bought it, the link to the game minutes later showed a 404 error.

Epic said that when publishers choose to not participate in its promotions, it honors their wishes. All Epic’s rep said was that publisher Paradox Interactive had decided not to participate in the Mega Sale. However, those who bought the game while it was live do get to keep it. Paradox hasn’t said why it pulled the games after the sale started.