Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution 750W PSU Review

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Unboxing the ST75F-G

The box

The ST75F-G power supply comes
supplied in a large, strong cardboard box. Inside the box we found the power
supply well protected by walls of polyethylene foam and a thick nylon bubble
bag. Even though there virtually isn’t any artwork on the box, half of the box
is glossy gold; it might be a little kitschy but it certainly draws a lot of

The box (rear)

Only links to the manufacturer’s
website and support e-mails can be found at the rear of the large box.
Silverstone decided to move all of the specifications, features and marketing
hype to the four sides of the box.

Bundled items

Those who will purchase the ST75F-G
power supply will also receive an almost perfect bundle. Inside the box we
found an excellent manual, four black mounting screws and a second set of
thumbscrews, an A/C power cable, a set of high quality cable straps, a few
basic cable ties and a magnetic 140mm fan filter which can be used on the PSU
or any other fan of similar size. The only thing that is missing is a bag for
the modular cables.

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