SilverStone Precision PS06 PC Case Review

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SilverStone Precision SST-PS06B-W PC Case

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A veteran of the PC enthusiast industry, SilverStone has laid claim to some of the most sought after awards and accolades in the business. Since 2003, SilverStone has consistently expanded its product lines to include products that run the gamut from their highly regarded PC enclosures and power supplies to notebook and mobile accessories. Coming off a strong showing at Computex in Taipei this past June, SilverStone has upped the ante with their newest mid-ATX offering, the Precision Series SST-PS06B-W.

SilverStone SST-PS06B-W PC Case

Precision Series enclosures are marketed as being high-value, affordable PC chassis’ for enthusiasts on a budget. With each new Precision enclosure added to the series, SilverStone continues to redefine what sub-$100 enclosure solutions can be when thoughtful and shrewd design decisions are made. In this regard, the SST-PS06B-W seeks to provide a delicate balance between novices who want just enough to grow into, and enthusiasts who want it all. Currently, the SST-PS06B-W retails for $84.99 plus $19.99 shipping and handling over at Newegg after a $15 mail-in rebate offer.

As with all SilverStone enclosures, the SST-PS06B-W offers a 1-year warranty against workmanship and defects. There are two versions of this chassis: a non-windowed version, the SST-PS06B, and a windowed model, and the one we will be reviewing today, the SST-PS06B-W. Other than the option of a side panel window, both models are identical and arrive in the same flat black motif. Enthusiasts and gamers looking to outfit the SST-PS06B-W with accessories or fan options will want to visit the SilverStone SST-PS06B website.

Managing to cram desirable features into an affordable chassis solution while keeping costs down can be a daunting task. Many of these features can be hit or miss among the enthusiast community, as the prospect of paying extra for superfluous features is outweighed by budget concerns and other factors. SilverStone strives to change this with the SST-PS06B-W, packing it full of the things enthusiasts demand, while eliminating the things that they do not. See below for a listing of the specifications and features of the SST-PS06B-W.

Model No.

SST-PS06B (black, blue trimming)
SST-PS06B-W ( black, blue trimming + window)
SST-PS06B-A (black, grey trimming)
SST-PS06B-WA ( black, grey trimming + window)

Plastic & mesh front panel and 0.7mm steel body

CEB,ATX up to 10.6”, Micro ATX

Drive Bay

External 5.25″ x 5
3.5” / 2.5” Hot swap bay
Internal 3.5″ x 4
Cooling System

Front 1 x 120mm intake fan
Rear 1 x 120mm fan slot
Top 180mm Air Penetrator 700/1200rpm, 18/34dBA
Bottom 1 x 120mm fan slot
Expansion Slot

Front I/O Port

USB3.0 x 2
Audio x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply

1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Operating system support

Expansion Card

Compatible with expansion card up to 12.2”
Limitation of CPU cooler

Limitation of PSU

Net Weight

9.05 kg

210mm(W) x 525mm(H) x 520mm(D)

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