Scalper Group From The UK Claims It Has 3500 PS5 Consoles

If there’s one thing that gamers and fans of electronics hate, it’s scalpers. These people tend to use bots to go out and buy every console they can get their hands on so they can turn around and sell them at massively marked-up prices. This has certainly been the case with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S consoles since launch.

A scalper group in the UK recently announced that its members have been able to purchase 3500 PlayStation 5 consoles since launch. Some PlayStation 5 consoles have turned up on eBay for as much as $1500. The scalper group sells subscriptions to people who want to resell highly prized items and gives them access to various services to help them find sought-after products.

The group focuses on more than electronics alone, giving those who subscribe to an opportunity to buy all manner of products. With fewer consoles available for consumers, the demand goes higher, and resellers can squeeze money out of consumers desperate for the new hardware.

The bots used by the service can complete transactions far faster than a person making it easier to get items with limited availability. Scalpers are the only place many people will get the PlayStation 5 this year as Sony has announced it has sold every console it has made. There is no indication of when it will be more console availability.