Sans Digital Announces New 4-Bay AccuNAS Storage Systems


Sans Digital Announce new series of AccuNAS half 4U 4-bay Network Attached Storage for automated backup to offline media in RDX and LTO tape.

SansDigital NAS

City of Industry, California, August 15, 2013 – Sans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, is proud to announce a new series of half 4U 4 bay network attached storage (NAS) for automate data backup to offline media, such as RDX or LTO tape. The innovative half 4U design allows two unit mount on a 4U height rack space for easy management in production or data center environment. The new series included three different models: AN4L+BBKU is the based model with support 4 hard drives and front and back USB 3.0 port to support any USB 3.0 storage device as data offload, AN4L+BRDX build with RDX docking station to support RDX media, and AN4L+BLT6 has LTO-6 tape drives to support low cost, high capacity LTO-6 media.

One of the most common problem for information technology is how to create a backup for valuable data. For small business, lack of IT admin and technology know how lead to inability to create their backup strategies. AccuNAS series of the half 4U storage provide a simple plug and play method to create their own backup, using USB 3.0 storage, RDX or LTO offline media. All three models are NAS based storages that support Windows, Mac and Linux network, allowing data consolidate from different computer of different operating system to save or backup to a central location. Once data save in the AccuNAS unit, the build-in replication, or copy, policy will automatic create a copy to local partition, USB 3.0 storage as direct online backup. With RDX or LTO build-in models, valuable data can copy to offline media of high-speed RDX tape media, or low cost LTO-6 tape drives. Build-in replication feature also support replicate over remote site, allowing offsite backup to different location for disaster recovery. The new AccuNAS series support Disk to Disk, Disk to Tape, Disk to RDX and remote backup service in a single appliance.

The innovative design for half 4U enclosure provide more compact footprint, allowing fitting two unit into a single 4U space. Optional rackmountable option kit provides ability to put two unit side by side in 4U height, providing a unit to unit backup operation, as well as providing solution for video entertainment and data center environment.

All data are valuable, while not all business have a way to create their backup, said Stanley Chan, Director of Business Development at Sans Digital. With the new AccuNAS series with build-in RDX or LTO drives, IT admin can setup backup schedule automatically to provide a peace of mind of their valuable data.