SanDisk 1TB microSD Card is $450

The way that storage capacities have increased in memory cards, SSDs, and hard drives over the years is impressive. Only a few years ago, having a few gigabytes of storage space in a microSD card was considered lots of storage. SanDisk has a very high capacity microSD card that people with loads of movies or content they need to store might want to check out.

SanDisk’s 1TB Extreme memory card is available to purchase, but it’s not cheap at $450. It is the most storage you can get in a single microSD card, and if you have something like a Surface Pro for a laptop and want more space to store files, this might be the perfect thing.

The card has read speeds of up to 160 MB/s and write speed of up to 90 MB/s reports Android Police. It is rated A2 so apps installed on the card should run well enough.

Cards with this high capacity are great for those with lots of large 4K video and photo files or movies. You could also cram it into an SD adapter and use it in a digital camera or other devices.