Samsung’s Micro LED Displays Let You Make a TV as Big as you Want

Samsung is at CES 2019, and it has unveiled something that big screen TV fans will be excited about. Samsung’s Micro LED display uses self-emissive technology and is modular. Samsung promises “unparalleled picture quality.”

The modular design of the tech allows users to use individual, smaller Micro LED modules to build a monitor of any size they want. This allows the customization of the display to the size of the room or wall.

The individual display chunks can be used to creature irregular sizes such as 9×3, 1×7, or 5×1. The technology optimizes the content displayed on the screen no matter the size and shape. Micro LED tech supports everything from standard 16:9 content to 21:9 widescreen, 32:9, or 1:1 without an impact to image quality.

Micro LED displays are bezel-free with no borders between modules making custom sized displays seamless and appear as one big screen. There is no word on pricing or availability at this point.