Samsung SelfieType is an invisible Keyboard

In the past, we’ve seen keyboards that are protected on flat surfaces using a red outline of a traditional keyboard. Samsung has unveiled something at CES 2020 that is similar, but different at the same time. The new feature is called SelfieType.

SelfieType is software that uses the front-facing selfie cam or a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to create an invisible keyboard users can type on. The tech uses a proprietary AI engine that can analyze the finger movements and interpret them as a valid keypress.

The only issue we see is that you will need to be a touch typist to get any benefit from the feature. To use Samsung’s system, the front-facing camera only needs to be angled down towards the hands reports TechSpot.

The other issue that some users will have is that there is no haptic feedback. That means no vibration or sound when you press a key. Some may not find that an issue. It’s cool to have another alternative to type on your smartphone.