Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e WiFi can be Blocked If You Hold it Wrong

Samsung is not having a good time of it recently. Its Galaxy Fold folding screen smartphone broke days after landing in reviewer’s hands. Now the company has a new tablet called the Galaxy Tab S5e that launched with a terrible design choice.

The way Samsung integrated the WiFi module in the tablet leads to blocked signals if the user of the tablet holds it in one specific way. Holding the left-lower corner of the Galaxy Tab S5e while the tablet is positioned horizontally will block the WiFi receiver and either boot users off wireless networks or slow the connection reports BGR.

While some simply say not to hold the tablet this way others are hating on Samsung that a major tablet was released with such a glaring design flaw to start with. Tablets are designed to be held both vertically and horizontally making this a big issue for the tablet.

The tablet only launched last week, and this issue will undoubtedly turn some people who were considering purchasing it off and onto another tablet. The big problem is for those who commonly hold their tablet his way is no software can fix the issue, and a replacement tablet will have the same problem.