Samsung Galaxy S10 Lands in Cardinal Red

It’s nice when you are buying a new smartphone to have color options other than boring hues like black, silver, or white. Apple finally realized this and offers some devices in multiple colors. Samsung has had other colors for a while.

The Galaxy S10 line can be had in black, blue, green, and a new color has landed called Cardinal Red. The color has first turned up on the Swiss Samsung website. Right now it’s only listed as an option for the 128GB Galaxy S10 and 128GB Galaxy S10 Plus reports Android Authority.

Reports indicate that the red color will land across all of Western Europe. We hope that it will come to the U.S. as well. The real question is, does color matter on a smartphone?

The vast majority of people are going to buy a device and immediately put it into a case to keep it safe. Placing your smartphone into a case blocks the color of the device from view, making the case all that most people see.