Samsung CJ791 34-inch Curved Thunderbolt 3 Display Heading to CES 2018

Samsung is showing off a new curved monitor for computer users that will officially debut at CES 2018 kicking off soon. The monitor is called the CJ791 and it has Intel Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. Samsung says that the display is aimed at both entertainment fans and business users.

The monitor is 34-inches wide and the Thunderbolt 3 connectivity allows it to be easily docked to a laptop with Thunderbolt connectivity using a single wire. Thunderbolt 3 supports up to 40 Gbps processing speed.

The monitor can also charge the laptop at the same time providing up to 85W of charging power. The monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and the native resolution is 3440 x 1440 ultra-wide QHD. The monitor is also thin and has an adjustable stand with tilt functionality.

For gamers, the monitor supports 125% of sRGB spectrum and 178-degree viewing angles. The CJ791 response time is 4ms for smooth transitions in games of all sorts. Pricing is unannounced, but that detail will likely surface at CES along with availability.