Rumor Suggests Target Will Restock The PlayStation 5

Gamers out there who’ve been trying to get their hands on the PlayStation 5 since the console launched should be excited to hear that rumors suggest Target stores are gearing up for new stock this week. Reports indicate that photos of target locations readying PlayStation 5 and Xbox stock for the shelves have been coming in.

The target PlayStation 5 restock is expected this week and could happen as early as tomorrow. The rumor comes from multiple Target employees who sent photos and information to TechRadar. The sources claim that the Xbox Series X will be in stock as well but in lower quantities than the PlayStation 5.

Images showing multiple boxes of consoles in back rooms at Target locations have surfaced. However, it’s worth noting that despite multiple packages, there will be very limited numbers available. One target location reportedly had about eight Xbox consoles and 22 PlayStation 5s.

At that location, most were disc editions with few Digital Editions available. Another caveat is that the employees say consoles will not be available to purchase directly at the store. They are only for online orders with in-store pickup. It’s also worth noting that some sources claim the restock could happen today.