Rumor Claims New Nintendo Switch With Larger OLED May Launch This Year

Rumors are going around that claim a new Nintendo Switch is in the works and could launch later this year in time for the holiday season. Rumors about new versions of the Switch have swirled for a while now, and it is about time for Nintendo to update its popular console. According to the rumor, the new Switch will feature a seven-inch Samsung OLED screen.

Also tipped is 4K output bringing higher resolution to games slung over to the TV. The seven-inch Samsung panels would reportedly have 720p resolution. Nintendo is initially targeting a million units per month, with displays expected to start shipping in July.

Moving to an OLED screen would be a significant upgrade for the Switch with improved brightness, colors, and contrast. Since the panel uses less power, it should also mean a longer run-time per charge. The rumor does suggest Nintendo will be using rigid OLED panels.

Increasing video output to support 4K resolution is a notable change as the console is currently limited to 1080p. It’s unclear what other updates to hardware might be included in the rumored console.