Rumor Claims 16-inch MacBook Pro to Use 15-inch Case

A rumor has been floating around that claims the next new MacBook Pro that Apple releases will have a version with a 16-inch screen. A new rumor from the supply chain claims that the larger 16-inch screen will be fitted into the same 15-inch chassis that is currently available.

That would mean a larger screen in the same size form factor. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is slated for a September launch says the rumor and will have narrow display bezels to cram the larger screen into the chassis.

The display is said to be made by LG Display and have a resolution of 3072 x 1920. The rumor also suggests that the machine will be priced on the high-end at $3,200.

The supply chain sources cited in the rumor are from DigiTimes, which has been known to be incorrect at times. The new MacBook is also expected to ditch the troublesome butterfly keyboard and return to the old scissor-style keyboard reports Apple Insider.