Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra Super Tower Computer Case Review

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Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra Super Tower Packaging

The Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra arrived in a very large box as you would expect for a PC case this large.

Blackhawk Ultra Box Front
The front and back of the box are identical being all black with just a nice graphic letting you know this is the Ultra version of the Blackhawk and a Rosewill badge.
Blackhawk Ultra Box Left
The left side of the box has minimal information such as the UPC code and a bit of product information.
Blackhawk Ultra box right
The right side has the same very minimal information and lucky for this reviewer both sides do have a handle hole for easier manuverability since this box is so large.
Blackhawk Ultra foam padding
Pulling the contents out of the large box reveals the typical thick foam at the top and bottom and a plastic back covering the entire case.
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