RootMetrics Breaks Down Real-World Cellular Service Performance

One of the burning questions facing consumers in this modern world is which cellular data/voice carrier is best for me? This is a question not even thought of a few decades ago. Fortunately, there are hardworking statistics geeks like the folks at RootMetrics that have done what they deem is the “most comprehensive mobile performance study ever undertaken” to give us some real-world results based empirical data. There’s a ton of data presented in easy to understand graphics that can be filtered down to city levels and shows comparisons between the major service providers.


On a national (U.S.) level, Verizon is the overall leader with also the best national reliability and AT&T is the fastest overall network (contrary to some T-Mobile commercials). If you drill down to specific regions or cities, the top providers vary but more often than not, Verizon and AT&T top the ratings. If you are thinking of switching carriers or even signing up for new service, this study should be immensely helpful to see which may be the best for you. Don’t forget to check areas that you may travel to frequently!