Roccat Kone[+] Gaming Mouse Review

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The ROCCAT Kone[+] gaming mouse is certainly an impressive peripheral for any gamer.  The mouse offers a plethora of features a gamer would want such as customizable weights, high sensitivity and high precision laser technology, and enough buttons to satisfy even the most intense gamer’s needs.  

Roccat Kone weights

We are particularly interested in the Kone[+]’s ability to play nicely with other ROCCAT peripherals, namely, the Isku gaming keyboard.  This feature, known as “ROCCAT Talk”, allows additional functionality when ROCCAT peripherals are used together.  We didn’t get a chance to test this feature, but if we get our hands on the Isku, we will definitely be testing this feature extensively.  You can see a video showcasing some of the capabilities of the ROCCAT Talk feature in the video below.


The ROCCAT Kone[+] is particularly useful in a game where easy access to an extremely large number of in-game functions is desired, such as an MMO like World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Having easy access to a whole arsenal of attacks, spells, buffs, and other macros can mean the difference between surviving a raid or not.  

The ROCCAT driver provides an incredible level of control over nearly every possible variable and function on the mouse in a well-designed interface.  Everything from the color of the LEDs to the individual sensitivity settings that are easily accessed by the buttons on the mouse.  

During use, the mouse did not disappoint us with its performance nor its comfort.  We never experienced any level of fatigue or discomfort, even after using the mouse for extended periods.  The 6000 DPI laser also performed flawlessly on a variety of surfaces including bed sheets, carpet, desktops, and a mouse pad.  

Ultimately, the ROCCAT mouse impressed us with its high customizability and consistent performance.  We found the mouse was very comfortable during long periods of use, and the button clicks and wheel scrolls are very satisfying.  Also, the Kone[+] has an incredible level of customization, with the ability to pull off incredibly complex macros or combos with one or two simple mouse clicks.  For a gamer who needs more easy access to a high number of controls, the Kone[+] is an ideal choice. 

When it comes to pricing we found it on Newegg for $99.99 plus $5.99 shipping, but it is currently sold out. We also managed to find it on Amazon for $79.99 with free shipping and it is listed as in stock. 

Speaking of the ROCCAT website, we would like to recommend our readers pay a visit to the site to check out the surprisingly entertaining content on the website.  ROCCAT has developed a fictional storyline on their site to follow, complete with some mystery components.  ROCCAT also has a community of users, game servers, prize raffles, and e-sports news.  Anyone interested in a company that supports the gaming community and makes good products should give ROCCAT’s website and products serious consideration.
Legit bottom line: The ROCCAT Kone[+] is a very capable gaming mouse that offers a wide array of customizable features that should satisfy any gamer.
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