Refurbished Pixel 3 128GB for Under $400

If you are in the market for a smartphone and don’t mind refurbished products, Amazon has a deal for you. It is offering “renewed” Pixel 3 128GB smartphones for $399.95 with free shipping. CR Land sells the devices, but Amazon fulfills them.

Amazon guarantees that they will work like new and the smartphones are baked with a 90d Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Only the black version is on sale for $399.95, the white and pink smartphones are $499.99 each.

The 64GB version of the smartphone can be had in white or pink for close to the same price of $389.99. The devices have 5.5-inch OLED displays covered in Gorilla Glass 5.

There is a new Pixel 4 coming soon that has leaked repeatedly, but you can bet it will be much more expensive than this offering. The black 128GB device is listed as in stock and ready to ship.